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Press Kit


Summary: Lost Signal Society is a podcast of serial and stand-alone weird tales that all take place in the same alternate dimension. The stories come through a magic radio that was discovered in the Pine Barrens of NJ.


Schedule:  Lost Signal Society released its first season in October - December 2018.

A full Season 2 is Planned for 2019 release


Contact and Media Details



Twitter:   @LostSignalSoc

Creator Details

Lost Signal Society was written/produced/directed by Christa Pagliei ( and Michael Augustine Dondero (


Christa's work appears in Strangelet Fiction Journal, Fictionvale Magazine, and Frostwriting Poetry among others. "Raw Appetite" her tale of a cannibal cook was produced as an episode for Pseudopod Horror Podcast. She's also a production coordinator for film & TV (Christa's IMDB)


In addition to his work on PBS's Colorado Experience for which their team won a Heartland Regional Emmy, Michael has also recently had short humorous sci-fi stories published by Defenestration Magazine. He too coordinates for film and TV in NYC. (Michael's IMDB)



Theme Song: The main Lost Signal Society theme was written by Ryan Beppel ( Ryan also provided audio consulting across the entire project and produced the original music for Eastwood Fergusan Part 1.


Vocal Performances: The various characters were performed by the folks below. For voice credits for a particular episode, please visit that episode's notes.


Amelia Kidd

Christa Pagliei

David Thomas Tao

John Martorelli

Kevin Moogan

Lucie Weight

Luke Mazurek

Max Cooper

Michael Alexander

Michael Augustine Dondero

Patricia Lawrence

Ryan Snanoudj

Sean Kelly


Lost Signal Society's art was created by Mariano Henestrosa



Lost Signal Society is recorded in a basement in Brooklyn, NY.

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Reviews for

Lost Signal Society

"This is an anthology set into a framework of lost and found radio transmissions, and it opens with the kind of sentient fungal-based horror story that sets my skin crawling. For those who prefer shorter audio pieces in an interconnected uncanny universe, this podcast has your back, especially in this season for spooky stories. " Elena Fernández-Collins for Bello Collective


"This podcast takes me back to the days of the "Twilight Zone" and the "Outer Limits" but it goes beyond sci-fi and is an examination of society. It touches the very intimate human side of each character "good" or "bad." I find myself smiling at the end of an episode as much as contemplating the greater meaning. This podcast is sharp and entertaining." - BrooklynMama - iTunes


"Fun, fresh take on horror. Lost Signal Society is fun and thought provoking. It's not easy to make a 1000-year old myth feel current, but they offer a fresh pair of eyes on the ethics of vampire hunting, human extinction, and our place in the universe." - Swatchfan253 1- iTunes


"Engaging and entertaining. Lost Signal Society episodes evoke the nostalgia of classic cinematic horror flicks combined with contemporary humor." - Howismynametaken246810 -iTunes


"Delightfully weird and creepy. This is one fun way to spend your Halloween Season. The concept is compelling. The voices are great. The music and sound effects are top notch. This is one well produced, odd blend of old-school radio charm and modern-day creepiness." - Gmarvin223 - iTunes


"Sounds like the tapes we got at the Cracker Barrel that time." - Anonymous 

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