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In October of 2017 we found a radio. A beautiful old piece with rounded wooden curves and buttons like chocolates. At first it didn't work, but I got into the back of it and reconnected some of the rusted wires. 


When I ran electricity through it the first time, I half expected an explosion of tubes and a trip to the emergency room. But instead the old dial lit up and some big band music erupted out through the speakers.


At first we thought we were listening to the regular radio- of course we did, why wouldn't we? Soon however it became clear something was unusual.

The news commented on werewolf subcultures, aging vampire hunters, and sentient monsters swimming in the Hudson. The signal that this strange radio picked up was from a world like our own...but slightly different. Songs that you felt you'd heard before, you could feel yourself humming along, but then the next note was just out of reach. Yet on closer examination the tunes were unfamiliar, the lyrics cryptic. You’ve heard of the Uncanny Valley? The idea that when a robot seems nearly human, but not quite, it will always evoke a strong feeling of unease in a person? These transmissions did just that. This was our world...but through a fever, through a dream.

We called our friends over, but as if in a fairy tale, the radio would not work in front of them. We played it off as a bit of a joke, but when the last person left the radio sprung to life again.


Here are the few facts we know.


The topography of the world from which this signal comes very much resembles our own. There are references to New York City and the surrounding area. Some events and people in our world and our history exist; others are completely ignored. Fantastical creatures and magic are real occurrences there.  


We're documenting the radio when it does work, and recording some of the stories from that world. We're simply presenting our finds and organizing them on this site. We're not quite sure what is fiction and what isn't...

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